Can the ring device be connected to android hotspot

My internet service is down: can I connect my Ring Doorbell to my android hotspot?

Hey @jangran. You may be able to connect it to the hotspot! Some hotspots have some restrictions on what devices can function and connect, but it’s worth a shot. To connect it to the hotspot, you will go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Doorbell > Device Health > Change Wifi Network or Reconnect to Wifi. From there, make sure you walk through another setup of the Doorbell and connect it to the hotspot network that you should ensure is on and working. I don’t recommend to keep it connected to the hotspot for too long, but for now, give it shot! Let me know how this goes if you still need to do this, or do it in the future. :slight_smile:

I am having the same exact problem as Jangran my AT&T service is down and I was currently connected to my mobile hotspot I had no issues but now I try to reconnect back to it I forgot how to do that I am confused about another setup to connect to the mobile hotspot I already tried health device settings can you please walk me through how to reconnect by device back to my mobile hotspot

so basically what I am saying is I was using my mobile spot until I got AT&T service now the service is down so i want to reconnect my device back to mobile hotspot how do I do this I forgot how because a phone representative walked me through it again I already tried the health device it just keeping only giving me the option to only reconnect to wifi no option for hotspot

Hi there, @Yahuah89! In order to reconnect your Ring device to your hotspot, a setup or reconnection process must be completed in the Ring app. Following the steps shared above;

should result in the Ring app prompting you to select another network to connect to. Please ensure your hotspot is actively enabled so that it can be found. Alternatively, you may also tap “setup a device” in your Ring app main menu and accomplish this network change through a new setup process. Feel free to also reference the steps in this help center article. :slight_smile: