Can’t subscribe

I am wanting to subscribe to a ring protect plan, and can’t. My payment info is entered. I logged in and went to My Plans but there is no option to purchase a plan.

My husband and I both called and spoke to representatives. I spoke with Christian. Supposedly, we were set up with a trial subscription and we were told the Basic Plan would kick in when the trial ended. Our credit card is on file. The Basic Plan never kicked in. Nothing happens when I try to subscribe online.
This is so frustrating!

i was on the phone with Christian for 45 minutes.
Any suggestions?

Sorry to hear about this @Doverdevo! The Protect Plans are indeed intended to initiate automatically after the free trial, as long as you have subscribed. Additionally, only the listed owner of the Ring devices can apply the subscription to the owned devices. Please check the “My Plan” section in your Ring account at to confirm subscription status, and if not subscribed, try doing so again, and confirm the email when subscribing matches the email used to log in to the Ring app on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

To anyone that can’t subscribe report Ring to the Better Business Bureau. This is ridiculous! They should have Zelle or check payment over the phone. I’ve wasted hours and nothing is done. There’s nothing wrong with my credit card; it’s them.