Can’t decide which one to get!?

I’m trying to decide whether to get the Ring Chime or Chime Pro. I currently have a 2 bedroom apartment and honestly i don’t how long I’m going to live there before moving into something bigger. I know the the chime pro is a 3-in-1 while the Chime is just what it is. Theoretically the proper choice would be the Chime instead of the Chike Pro. Simply because I don’t need the WiFi extender that’s built in it. But the night light option the chime Pro is nice touch to it. Overall I’m tired of being the only one who can hear or be notified of somebody ringing the doorbell or motion detection lol. And either one of these chime would help me out. I just simply can’t choose

Hi @HeyJayJay187. If you are going to be moving into a bigger place, then you might need the Chime Pros WiFi extender capability. If you have a wifi system that can handle a larger space, then I would suggest just sticking with the Chime.