Can Ring Smart Lighting Bridge Use Ethernet Via Adapter?

My Ring Smart Lighting Bridge has recently had issues with disconnecting and reconnecting. If I were to purchase a micro usb ethernet adapter with power, would it be able to use that for internet connectivity (rather than the wifi)?

Hi @user53965. The Ring Smart Lighting Bridge is not compatible with an ethernet connection, as it is designed to be connected via wifi. If you’re experiencing connectivity concerns with your Bridge, you may need to reconsider the placement and move it closer to your router. Different materials, such as concrete, metal, and glass can cause wifi interference.

It’s literally sitting right next to the wifi router. And other devices have not had any issues with connectivity with that router.

@user53965 Try placing the Bridge somewhere else in the same room as the router to see if that helps. Sometimes having a device right next to the router can negatively impact the signal as well. If you continue to have connectivity concerns with the Bridge, I’d suggest following up with our support team to look into this more closely.