Can ring please make external and internal sirens that are really LOUD!?!?!?!?

Can Ring please manufacture an alarm siren that sounds in excess of 120 dB? The level of all the speakers you currently produce (base station, keypads, external cameras, dome siren) are pathetic. Any other professionally monitored alarm I have ever owned (7 of them) have had a siren that one can hear about 15 houses down the street. They were loud enough that it made my neighbors call the police when they were alarming, which is the whole point of the siren. Your alarms are not even audible outside my property…

It is really wimpy, isnt it?

I tried to look up for my city to see the noiserestrictions, but didn’t find anything yet.

Absolutely !! Much louder siren, I even bought a separate dome siren only to find out it is for interior use. I’m in need of a very Loud exterior dome.