Can Ring Extender be used with Ring2 Doorbell

Hi, I have a Ring2 Doorbell and ProChime but wifi does not have a good level at Doorbell and continually disconnecting.
I have just bought a Ring Extender hoping this would fix the problem. However to set it up I cannot see under Security an option for Range Extender! My Doorbell is wireless. Can anyone help or is the Ring Extender do br returned.

Hi @MM7. A Ring Alarm Range Extender will not work with Cameras or Doorbells; it is a device that works with the Ring Alarm System. If you have the Chime Pro, this works as a wifi extender for Doorbells and Cameras. You want to make sure the Chime Pro is near your Doorbell and that you have changed your wifi network for your Doorbell to the Chime Pro’s wifi signal.