Can only access live view on wifi, not cellular data

Hi. I see many aged posts on issues with live streaming but looking for advice on a current one.
I can no longer access live view when not on WiFi. It simply won’t work on cellular data.

  • It did a year ago when I last used it.
  • Same phone and setting (ie cellular data switched on)
  • replaced all the kit so all brand new and firmware up to date.
  • This used to work fine.

Has Ring changed something to disable our ability to access live feeds on cellular data?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @JohnMac1. In this case, the issue is not with your Ring device, as the Live View works fine when your phone is connected to wifi. Live View not connecting when your phone is using cellular data indicates that there may not be enough data, or that the signal isn’t strong enough.

Streaming video on cellular data can use it up quicker than other activities, like browsing the web. Even plans with unlimited data may place restrictions on the data used after a certain amount. I’d suggest contacting your service provider to see if anything has changed with your plan that could prevent you from accessing Live View.