Can lights on a zwave Smart Plug-In Outlet be scheduled?

I want to know if lights connected to a Leviton Decora or GE Smart Plug-In Outlet be set to follow a schedule? ex. turn on at 6pm and turn off at 11pm (M-F)

If you have an Amazon Alexa, you may be able to do this with a skill.

But not through the Ring app? I don’t have Alexa so that’s not an option.

How do I pay

How can I pay

Not at this time, @superx but we will keep you posted if this does become available!

@Roxieb34 may you please go into more detail about what you are asking? Thanks!


Thanks for the reply. It’s a critical feature I use with my current iSmartAlarm system (which I was considering moving to the Ring system due to the iSmart system reliability) – not having the ability to schedule my internal lights (I don’t have or want Alexa) is an essential requirement for me.


Another vote for this feature - it’s the last thing I need Ring Alarm to be able to do to be the perfect system. Seems odd to have support for z-wave light control but not the ability to schedule it (like for my front porch light). Please add scheduling for z-wave switches! Thanks.


Hey Jennifer!! Plus 1 for this feature request. I assumed scheduling was an option, given other smart outlets (less sophisticated than ring) support this out of the box. Any updates on where this might be in the roadmap? Trying to decide if I keep the 4 outlets I just purchased…


Another plus one for a scheduling feature. Make it a plus 10.

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+1 for this feature


Whether an outlet or smart light switch, their selling point to me was it was compatible with Ring. But Ring only lets you manually turn it on or off? I can d9 that with no smart switch. We need z-wave on/ off scheduling!

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+1. Come on, Ring, speak to us!!

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Hey Ring, can you please let us know where you are with this feature request?

Hey neighbors. I know you’ve requested an update and at this time, there is no new news on the progress of this Feature Request. As mentioned earlier, this can be accomplished by using an Amazon Alexa Routine. Be sure to head over to our Feature Request Board so you can vote on this request. Thank you for your continued patience.