Can I save video and pics on my phone or website without cloud storage subscription?


Is there a way to save pics and videos locally to my phone without Cloud storage subscription?

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Doesnt seem to have gained an answer for this question!
I have 3 NAS boxes, I have Cloud services and, when I bought this Ring cam I felt sure I would be able to store events on my local devices - not HELD TO RANSOM to get ANOTHER PAID PLAN?!
I called support and Ring stated that I could select an event and download however, this is simply not true! Everytime you click anywhere on the app it simply goes to “Select Plan”. I DONT WANT A PLAN!!!
Please advise???


Hi neighbors! At Ring we value your security and your privacy. For this reason, your videos are only saved or stored when you are subscribed to one of our Protect Plans. As our Protect Plan Subscriptions will only save your videos for a plan specified amount of time, there is an option to select recordings and save them externally.

The option to download a recording is not available without a Protect Plan subscription as there is no video recording saved to be downloaded. Check out our help center article about Protect Plans for more information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: