Can I control my existing porch lights with a Ring doorbell, and not add a base station or Alexa?

I’d like to replace the light switch for our existing front porch lights with a switch that can be activated when my Ring Video Doorbell 3 senses motion.

I can find products like the GE In-Wall Paddle Switch, but that can’t be added directly to my Ring system. I appears to require some intermediary device, like a Ring Base Station or Alexa.

Isn’t there a switch that’s more straight forward to use, that would add to my current non-Alexa, non-Base Station system just the same way I’d add a security light?

By the way: My existing front porch lights are LED puck lights much like this. Screw-in bulbs with their own sensors are not an option.

Hi @kshetline. Third party Works With Ring Z-Wave devices require the Ring Alarm Base Station, which acts as the Z-Wave hub that the third party devices can communicate with. Currently, there are no Ring Smart Lighting light switches. Additionally, Ring Smart Lighting devices require a Ring Bridge to access smart controls in the Ring app.

It might be worth looking into Alexa to see what smart lighting devices are compatible, as you can use the Alexa app on your phone to make routines. This would let you set up different behaviors with your devices based on certain triggers, such as when your Ring Doorbell detects motion. You may be able to set something up that suits your needs.

This is disappointing. The Ring doorbell is inches away from the light switch I’d like to replace to control the porch lights, and nothing but $200-$300 worth of extra equipment plus subscription service will link the two things to work together.

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