Can devices be turned on by solar panel once the battery is depleted?

I have multiple solar powered devices, such as solar path lights, solar step lights, and flood lights with solar panel.
My area will be raining for the next week or so, and I am sure the batteries will be depleted running the typical schedule.

My question is:
Once the devices are off because they won’t be charged during the rain, will the devices be turned on automatically by solar power once the sun is out again?
Or I will have to charge them individually to a certain percentage, turn them on, and then put them back in the sun?


Hi @fryh1n. The Solar Panel will provide a trickle charge to your battery but not serve as the primary source of power. If your battery is depleted, you’ll need to recharge it. If the Solar Panel starts to get more sunlight, it may charge the battery, but it might not be enough to keep the cam operational.