Can Bridge turn lights off in a time period?

Right now I have a Floodlight Cam and two wired Floodlights installed along with a battery-powered Spotlight.

I am considering getting a Bridge, but after reading up on it I can’t find the answer to one aspect. Throughout the daylight hours, all of these lights continually come on when they sense motion. Obviously this wastes light-element life, as well as draining batteries in the Spotlight.

Can the Bridge be used to turn off these lights in a time period, say from 7am to 7pm daily? And if they are off from a lighting perspective, can motion detection still be used to, for example, turn on camera recording of the Ring doorbell?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @frank3si. When it comes to the Ring Smart Lighting’s Bridge system, it can only have the Ring Smart Lighting products connected to it in order to schedule and control the lights, and therefore you cannot control the lights from your cameras with the Bridge. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

Thank you, Chelsea…

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Was this question ever solved? I have floodlights with camera and floodlights without (connected to bridge). I’d like to disable the motion detection that turns them on for certain periods of time. Is this possible?

Hey @LouReed101. You can use the Modes setting to turn off the motion detection on the Floodlight Camera, which would also cancel Linked Device events from the Smart Lighting if you have it set up that way. The Modes feature does not affect the Smart Lighting when it comes to disabling them. You can learn more about the Modes feature here.

Thanks for the reply. it seems a little cumbersome to have to change the setup of a “mode” to disable the lights for certain hours. It would be nice to have “disable scheduling” capabilty similar to the “Light Schedules” feature. Thanks again for your help.

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