Can any product (Ring Chime, Dome Siren) present the keypad sounds?

In relation to the request for help I posted(1), are there any add-on products which can be used to present the same alarm-status alert sounds which are made by the Keypad? Specifically, the voice and countdown chime are too quiet and I need to present them with more emphasis for safety so that I can use the alarm. It seems at least the Chime/Chime Pro should 100% be able to do this - however their specifications only show functionality with the cameras which makes no sense.


Hey @estairplusplus. At this time, the only devices that can play the sounds you are looking for is the Base Station and the Keypad. If needed, you can get an additional Keypad to connect to the Base Station and bring closer to you in your home so you can hear it from where it is. In addition, an extra Keypad is great to use, as you can use your Duress Code from the Keypad, as well as use the Keypad as a panic button through the feature on the Keypad. I will make sure to pass on your feedback for a louder, different device that our neighbors could use in a situation like your’s. :slight_smile: