Can Alexa be setup to activate all sirens on multiple spotlight cams at once?

I have several Ring Floodlight Cams with Microphones/Speakers/Sirens. I have them all integrated onto my Alexa platform with each device having a separate “Name.” In the event of an emergency, house break-in for example, is there a way I can, through one command such as “Alexa, activate all sirens,” simultaneously activate the sirens on all of my devices?

Hi @rmannyb. I checked in my Alexa app, and it does not appear that you can control the sirens on your Ring Security Cameras via the Alexa app. You can find more information on using Alexa Routines with your Ring devices in our Help Center article here. If you have a Ring Alarm system, you can link your Security Cameras to the Alarm via Linked Devices to have the sirens on your Cameras go off when the Alarm is triggered.