Can 2 accounts access 1 camera?


I’ve just created a new account on Ring and linked all cameras in the house. The cameras used to be linked to another account. I’m wondering if the old account can still have access to the cameras since the old owner used to have the cameras under his account.

Hi @Chilleryoshi. As the Owner of the Ring account, you can view the Shared User Access menu. Only users to whom the Owner of the Ring devices has granted access are allowed to view the devices. I hope this information helps.

I have a similar situation. My wife and I both had access to our account prior to her getting a new iphone. Both of us had ability to change any setting. I could do it from my phone and she could do it from her phone (just to be clear). Now I can access the account (as owner) and she can’t. Why not? I might be able to give her shared access but then she couldn’t change any settings (like she was able to do before.)

Hi @Gk1272. I have responded to your question in the topic you created, which you can find here. The question in this thread is different than the concern you’re asking about.

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