Cammy is Shutting down, Can I us Cammy Cameras on Ring?

I use both Ring & Cammy ( Cammy alone for 6 years) anyway I was told today that Cammy are changing their systems and instead of a app you will need to own a Windows computer Which I dont have (Mac only) and been given 23 days to either buy a new windows computer or leave!

What I want to know is since the cammy cameras are unlocked can I use them on the Ring system instead?

Any info would be very good indeed

Hopefully someone will correct me if i’m wrong but i’m going to presume, if you are asking about using Cammy devices in the Ring app, that the answer is no. That is unless Cammy go through the process of getting certified by ring (or what ever the process is) like other “Works with Ring” devices.

If this happens though it will most likely be US exclusive as there are no compatible devices in the UK or Europe.

You’d probably be best using another app that Cammy is compatible with like iSpy (not used it so it might be terrible - i’m sure there are other compatible apps out there) or try a Windows VM on your Mac, though I imagine you’d then need to keep it running at all times.

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Hi there, @Paulsmad! @Jamzieth hit the nail on the head with their response. The Ring app will only support Ring branded devices or integrations and partners that become officially compatible, such as “Works With Ring” products.