Cameras not reconnecting

We have a doorbell cam, two outdoor stick up cams and one indoor stick up cam.
We had a power outages the other day and none of the cameras have reconnected our WiFi.
We are away on vacation and now way to reset them remotely.
This seems crazy to me that a “security” device has no way of re-establishing a wifi connection after a power outage.
Am I missing something? Is there something I can try while we are away?

Hi @user55611. Ring devices do reconnect automatically to your wifi if they lose connection to your router, unless something did not come back on correctly on your router. I recommend contacting your internet service provider to perform a reboot of your router, or if you can reboot it remotely, do it yourself. If that does not work, you will have to be at the location of the Ring devices to troubleshoot them. If there is someone you trust to use your Ring account and troubleshoot for you, they can go to the location as well.

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