Camera Mode Flaw - Can't disable mode for a particular camer

Either the mode settings is enabled or disabled for ALL cameras. There is no way to disable the mode from changing the current status of a particular camera. EXAMPLE: In my 102 year old Dad’s bedroom, I want to manually disable and enable motion detection (recordings), however every time the alarm is Disarmed or Away, that particular camera motion detection is changed according to the mode setting. You can try this yourself. If I set that camera to motion enabled in both both Disarmed or Away mode but I have manually set the camera to disable motion, then when I set the alarm the camera will go into motion detection mode. There is no way to have that camera stay in the manual setting I set until I changed the manual setting myself. The mode always changes it one way or another. This can be resolved by adding another choice in the Mode settings to DISABLED. Currently you only have Motion Detection ON or Off choice. If you add the DISABLED choice it would gray out the Motion Detection option. This flaw has been verified by Ring technical support. I hope they make a change soon as I have had to disable the model for all cameras