Camera lenses fogging up in wet weather

Hi, I have several outdoor stick up cameras but only one fogs up. The picture goes really blurry and you can’t see anything when the temperature drops at night or when it’s wet outside. How do I stop the camera steaming/fogging up?

Hi @JamesE. Sometimes, environmental conditions are beyond our control. You can try to apply an anti-fog or water repellant product, like Rain-X, to the lens to help mitigate these concerns.

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I have the same issue as James E, how do you remove the water /condensation from inside the lenses, when you purchase an external camera you don’t expect to have to buy an external coating to prevent water/fogging occurring, is the camera fit for purpose!!!

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Hi @user67045. If there’s water inside your Camera lens, please reach out to our support team to assess the damage and determine the best solution. You can get in touch with our support team at one of the numbers here.

The Ring outdoor camera does leak and is not watertight. This can cause the lens tip fog up inside the camera. You could take the battery cover off and put the camera in your airing cupboard or some other warm place to dry it out. You could put a bead of silicone sealant into the top of the camera housing to stop it happening again. If the camera continues to fog up then ultima it will fail due to corrosion on the pcb

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