Camera lens that is moveable and option for 2-way. Better microphone. Firefighter notification.

As a condo owner, I was excited by the ring doorbell camera to replace the peephole. However, the camera lens must allow us to move the lens or to be sufficiently wide to see packages left at our door. Subscription services are an immediate turn off and I will not buy it if it requires one. The voice communication is poor and needs to be improved. Is there an opportunity to p artner with Zoom recorders to see if you could use better microphones to enhance its functionality? A feature that will allow firefighters to know someone is in the unit (a light up symbol for example) would be excellent (that would be controlled by the user). Another idea is to have a two-way camera to record the interior side of the door if enabled by the user.

Hello @LMcTdot ,

I agree that the Ring Video Peephole Doorbell should have a sufficiently wide field-of-view lens to see packages left at the door.

Concerning the subscription, you do not need one if you just want the abilities of Wi-Fi smart phone access for the “Live View” and to answer doorbell notifications.

Ring video products are Ring “Cloud” server based and therefore require a subscription (beyond the one-month free trial period) for other than “Live View” video and self-monitored Ring Alarm systems. For any recording of past video events, you will need one of the Ring Protection Plans (Basic or Plus).

There are several advantages of the subscription plans, besides past video recordings, that include the “Snapshot” feature, and Wi-Fi/smart-phone access to Live and past videos. And the “Plus” plan covers multiple cameras/devices for one fee, 10% discounts on future Ring product purchases, and Professional Alarm Monitoring, and the extended warranty for the entire duration of your “Plus” plan subscription.

Ring has a Indoor Video Camera that can be used to record the interior.

I do like your idea for the Ring Alarm system feature that will allow firefighters to know someone is in the unit, but this again probably would require a Ring subscription “Plus” Plan for the Professional Monitors to relay this information to the firefighters, because I doubt a responding firefighter is going to notice a small “lit up symbol” on the doorbell exterior.