Camera fell out of the plan by itself

I paid for the basic plan for two cameras three months ago.

My car got broken into last night and I logged in to look at the footage for the driveway camera last night. Somehow, the camera is no longer on the plan.

I still see the activity history for the camera but I wasn’t able to retrieve any videos.

I called for the tech support and I was pretty much told that there is nothing they can do as “somehow” the camera fell out of the plan and all the videos that were recorded previously are no longer available. All they can do is to subcribe the camera back to the plan but of course the videos are all gone.

This is very upsetting and fraustring experience. I bought expensive ring cameras and paid extra for the plan to protect our family from something like this. Somehow their technical diffculty had to happen exactly around the same time.

I asked for my full money back since it didn’t even do what they promised to do.