Camera deletes videos

My camera is set up and was working absolutely fine, then just randomly recorded one long motion alert video which looks as if it covered a few hours. When trying to replay, it just skips through it and doesnt show any recordings or alerts for hours. I know for sure there has been movement there. The camera also must have detected it as there are multiple ‘linked device’ videos on another linked camera.
When opened in ‘live view’ the camera started recording a video, which then dissapeared.
I have reset the camera and it seemed to have sorted the issue but now the same thing happened after two days. This time resetting doesn’t help. Despite having the protect plan and set up camera showing good wifi connection im missing almost the whole day of snapshots.
Any advice, is the camera faulty? Only installed it a week ago.

Hi @user79963. The snapshots from Snapshot Capture should show up in the Event History Timeline separately from any recorded events (motions or Live Views). Ensure motion detection is not turned on off in the Modes settings. I’d also recommend checking your motion settings and Smart Alert settings, then try triggering some test motion events.

Once those test events have been detected and recorded, navigate back to the Event History Timeline. You should be able to see each recorded event, with the snapshot images at the selected interval. If you still don’t see any motion events or snapshots, please follow up with our support team for further assistance. You can also get in touch with our support team on Facebook @Ring.