Camera battery not charging

My camera is not charging, even though it is connected to solar charger.

@Wilsonlaw wrote:
My camera is not charging, even though it is connected to solar charger.

Hello @Wilsonlaw ,

To confirm that indeed your Solar panel is charging or not charging your battery, look on the Device page of your App, and look at the Battery Icon in the upper-right-corner. If you see a “lightning bolt” in the center of the Battery Icon, while you panel is receiving direct sunlight , then the Solar panel is recharging.

Another thing is that it is possible that your battery is being used at a rate that is greater than the amount of charging that it is receiving, and therefore your battery level would get lower and lower. You might need to adjust some of your settings (such as recording length time) to reduce the demand on the battery for the amount of direct sunlight that you get at the mounting location.

Also to note, since you didn’t mention which Ring Camera device you have that is not charging, some newer versions of cameras and doorbell cameras, such as the Ring Video Doorbell 3 & 3-Plus, now wait to wait to recharge until the battery drops below 90%, in order to maximize the lifetime of the battery.

This might give you the false impression the solar panel isn’t working while the battery is between 90-100%, but your camera is just waiting to drop below 90% before allowing the recharging.

If you continue to have issues, your should telephone Ring Support for help:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:

I hope you find this helpful. :slight_smile:

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