Camera and alarm system requests and issues found

Spotlight cams (maybe others too) -

  1. do not show solar status correctly
  2. device health shows completely different information than power settings
  3. Power settings shows I only have one battery, device health shows both.
  4. The battery % is not updated during auto system checks. You have to live view to get any updated information.
  5. Advanced motion doesn’t do a thing and still picks up motion outside of the box. No difference noted when using it vs. regular zones.
  6. Should have option to save only people mode videos and not save regular motion. This would be especially useful when cameras are around objects that move in the wind and would really help battery life.
  7. The advanced motion settings do not work for this and is too cumbersome to manage.

A HUGE issue -

  1. the app doesn’t notify when a camera or alarm system components go offline!!! 2. Doesn’t even notify when battery is low anymore.

Garbage. Every other system out there does this. Would not recommend this system to anyone. Go with simplisafe or a regular alarm. Until Ring fixes these issues, it is completely unreliable and should not be used to protect your home.

**** They don’t have glass. break sensors either! Tell you to use an echo dot. What a joke. That is not integrated into the alarm or calibrated for glass breaking frequencies. Doesn’t dispatch law enforcement. Complete joke of an alarm system until these items are resolved.