Came bpt Agata VC


I’m really interested to ring intercom, but I verified that my intercom model is still not compatibile.
Some knows when this model should be integrated? Or someone has installed ring intercom on this intercom


Thank you in advance

Hello. I have tried to install Ring intercom on exactly this same intercom (Came Bpt Agata VC) but with no success. When I arrive at the Test phase, apparently the button push is not detected. However, in principle this model should be supported, as it does appear in the list of devices in the Ring app. The wiring is two wires on bus, as suggested by the app in the installation phase. Can someone help fix this problem ? Thanks.

Hi neighbors, you can get in contact with our Intercom support team via email or phone here. They can answer installation or compatibility questions.

Looks like there are many issues to be solved around the Ring device.
Same problems on my Came-Bpt device: Larsen audio effect and also no door opening.
Came-Bpt is using their proprietary communication protocol (system 300) consequently all their devices working in the same way. So, for the reason above, all the devices are affected by the same problems.