Calendar view event history

Have a calendar view where you can click on a date and go to that days video, a sort/filter option where you can pick a specific date and view event history in ascending /descending order.

I hate to scroll through a zillion videos and days to get to older videos.


A big second to this idea. Not only do you have to scroll through your history to find a date but if the date has multiple videos after you view one as opposed to keeping you on the date you selected, the app sends you all the way back to the beginning where you have to scroll again.

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I’m also frustrated that the history doesn’t allow me to filter by date and by camera (in case of multiple cameras, e.g., front door, garden, driveway, etc.). Adding a day column before the date column would stop a lot of “What day was that again?” head scratching (column A: Fri., column B: 16Oct.2020). Lastly, just echoeing the others in this thread, that being returned to the top of the page after viewing a video, instead of to the previous position, is painful.

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A much needed enhancement which may not take much development as when I launch History on my cell a calendar appears in the upper right, then disappears. Make that calendar persistent!

I like this! Or at least some improvement to filtering. Got my vote!