Cable extension for mailbox sensor?

Does anyone know the technical specs of the cable for the mailbox sensor antenna?

My mailbox sensor always has a poor signal strength to the bridge.

I’m thinking this may be because the antenna is mounted perpendicular to the bridge (i.e., it’s not facing the bridge, rather 90 degrees off).

If I could get another 6 inches on the cable, I could mount the antenna on the back of the mailbox so that it’s facing the bridge.



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Hi @fallingrock. There is not an extension available for the antenna on the Mailbox Sensor. You are correct, making the antenna face the direction of the Ring Bridge will give you optimal signal. If possible, I would try to remount your Mailbox Sensor. :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand if Ring doesn’t sell an extension cable, but what is the technical designation of the cable? Maybe I can get something at a local hardware store or electronics store?

I have this question too!
Small antenna extension cables are commonly available but come in different sizes.

What is the designation or code for the size of cable used for the mailbox antenna, please?