Cable adapter for mini-usb solar panel to new barrel plug on Ring 3 camera?

My Ring gen 1 stick-up cam finally crapped out, the battery would not charge.

So they don’t make the Ring 1 anymore, I had to buy a Ring 3 camera figuring it would be an ok replacement.

The solar panel I have for my Gen 1 has a micro-USB plug on it and I see on the gen 3 camera’s they have some kind of barrel plug adapter now?

Is there a micro-usb plug to barrel adapter for the solar panel to work with the new ring camera?

Hi @wiles01. We don’t have any adapters for the micro USB to the barrel plug. Our current model of the Solar Panel on our website does utilize the barrel plug which would work with your new Stick Up Cam, which you can find here. I hope this helps answer your questions. :slight_smile: