Buy now to setup in a few months

Hello, just a general question - I’m moving shortly and will be at a rental for a few months before we finally move into our “new build” home. There’s a good deal going on for refurbished items right now and I was hoping to purchase now to set up everything in a few months. Will I lose out on the free trial if I do that, and also lose out on the ability to add the extended warranty by purchasing the $100/year plan? Or are there no issues with buying now to set up in a few months?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @xmanofsteel. This is a great question, and a great idea to plan ahead! Your free trail and 1 year warranty do not start until you’ve setup the device. So you can buy them now, leave them in the box until you are ready, and then set them up! Once they are online, they register in our system, and that is when the free trial and warranty start.

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That’s great to hear! Purchase made and I’m excited to join in the Ring family in a few months!

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Hey @xmanofsteel. How exciting! Please be sure to share once you are up and running!