Bug: Solar Wall Light motion won’t trigger the light to increase brightness when Light Schedule is enabled

This issue is still there. Good suggestion from @HJ. Thanks.

But it still means that the light will come on even during the day that could reduce battery percentage.

Isn’t Ring development folks looking at this. I mean it’s coming to a year since it was first reported. It can’t be that this has not gotten to a development issues list.

Also have the same issue. Threw the box away but will be returning them then. Appears that bug hasn’t been addressed yet

I purchased 12 Ring Solar Path lights and a Ring bridge. I set them up in 3 groups. During the schedule from dusk to midnight, they only worked correctly the first night. After that, they come on dim and do not brighten when they detect motion. They do, however, let me know they detected motion, but never brighten. If I turn the lights off and back on, they go off the schedule and will react to motion detection by lighting up bright. At that point, they do not return to the dim setting as scheduled. They will work fine that way if I disable the schedule, but would like to see this bug fixed.