Bug: Solar Wall Light motion won’t trigger the light to increase brightness when Light Schedule is enabled

I too, am having this issue with the Solar Wall Light I decided to try out. I’m glad I only brought 1.

The 8 Solar Steplights I have around the house work fine with a light schedule enabled and motion-sensing brightness increase. How does this not work as intended in this new light???

I’m going to try and adjust the light sensitivity settings as suggested. How much higher should I set it? By default, it’s at 2.

I’m disappointed in this light and am debating on returning it. It seems like the issue has been around for a while now, and hasn’t been resolved as of yet. It seems like an easy enough fix to me. What is taking so long?

So, I’ve been messing around with this a bit more.

I can get the light to stay on dusk til dawn and activate with motion, but only when it is in a group with my step lights, and THEY detect the motion.

It WILL NOT detect motion and activate the other lights in the group when it should.

So basically, I either need to leave the dusk til dawn off, or not have motion detection.

What Ring is making nowadays. $60 well spent.

I’ve also tried increasing the sensitivity and it didn’t make a difference.

An update from ring reps would be nice.

I am having this issue also, but with just the Solar Path Lights. I bought 8 for my front walkway. They are all in the same group and set from dusk to dawn scheduling. The first night they worked fine. The second night they dimly illuminate but do not brighten on motion.

I turned off the schedule and turned it back on and they worked as they should have. Then the next night they stopped brightening on motion again.

It is kind of irking me that the moderator marked this as solved when clearly people are still having this problem. $35 dollars per light is pretty steep considering they do not work as intended.

I found a solution after a few calls with Ring support. They found that the problem was with the bridge. I was using an Echo Dot as my bridge and not the ring bridge itself. I switched to the ring bridge and now everything is working as intended.


Hey @JermD303. Thanks for sharing your support team experience! I’m glad they were able to resolve this for you.

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I have this same problem. I’m using Ring bridge. Just like previous poster, my light scheduled is enabled. Light (on dim) will recognize motion and brighten one night but the next night the light won’t recognize motion and remains dim. The only solution is to turn light schedule off for the night then turn back on the next day.

This issue is not solved. Ring needs to step up and provide update on this problem.

I just bought ring solar wall light and I have the same problem. Using ring bridge solar path lights work as they should but wall light detects motion and does not get bright. Will be returning since this post is old and the issue has not been fixed.

Any updates on this issue. I am having the same issue with my 7 Solar Wall lights connected to my Echo Show 10. Adjusting light sensitivity does not fix the issue.

to fix the problem go to Light Settings: Light Sensor and disable Prevent motion from activating this light during the day. If you have the setting on and if there is ambient light from other lights or from your neighbor, the light will think it still daytime and it will not turn on when sensing motion. The draw back is that now your light will turn on when it senses motion even during the day. Ring could have designed the settings for the lights a little better.

This issue is still there. Good suggestion from @HJ. Thanks.

But it still means that the light will come on even during the day that could reduce battery percentage.

Isn’t Ring development folks looking at this. I mean it’s coming to a year since it was first reported. It can’t be that this has not gotten to a development issues list.

Also have the same issue. Threw the box away but will be returning them then. Appears that bug hasn’t been addressed yet

I purchased 12 Ring Solar Path lights and a Ring bridge. I set them up in 3 groups. During the schedule from dusk to midnight, they only worked correctly the first night. After that, they come on dim and do not brighten when they detect motion. They do, however, let me know they detected motion, but never brighten. If I turn the lights off and back on, they go off the schedule and will react to motion detection by lighting up bright. At that point, they do not return to the dim setting as scheduled. They will work fine that way if I disable the schedule, but would like to see this bug fixed.

I just purchased the solar lights and installed them with my other system. Actually replaced my battery operating lights due to them leaking water and destroying batteries.

What is the fix on the dim light complaint? Mine worked fine for several weeks and just now started having this same reported issue. Sounds like a year should be enough time to sort out an obvious defect.


Looks like this is the same problem you guys are facing?

The response from ring support is that brightness should not be increasing during motion events.

Support is wrong. Ive had these lights since they were first released and the past 2 weeks is when i started having problems with them.

Also seems like the response I received today is contrary to supports message that was sent here in May?

Im not sure if this is a widespread issue or if just a select few of us are having issues.

I had this same problem. The wall solar light was on a schedule dusk to dawn. Initially, the light would turn bright when motion was detected. After a few night, the wall solar light stopped turning bright when motion was detected. Instead it would stay dim. I would still receive motion detection alerts. Now the wall solar light won’t turn on at all even when motion is detected. Will someone with Ring Support please respond to this group with a resolution to these problems?

My wall solar light has “Good” status on both Bright To Wi-Fi Router Signal and Wall Light Solar to Bridge Signal. It’s using Firmware Version 1.8.14-32.

Hi neighbors! This Community post has other neighbors experiencing a similar concern with their Solar Smart Lights. There is a marked solution as to what other neighbors are having to do for this concern.

I had the same issue. Right now I fixed it by toggling the Light Sensor setting Off, activated a motion which triggered the light to the desired level. Toggling the Light Sensor back On does not affect triggering of the light at this time.

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