Bug: Solar Wall Light motion won’t trigger the light to increase brightness when Light Schedule is enabled

I have had my Solar Wall Lights for a while and just noticed this issue where when Light Schedule is enabled (dawn to dusk), it’s dimmed at lowest level at night. If I try to move in front of the lights, the light does not increase brightness level (to the desired level in settings). From the app/history you can tell it’s detecting motion, but since it’s already “on” it won’t go “on” again with increased brightness. However, if you disable/enable the Light Schedule it seems to resume increasing brightness for the night with motion. Obviously I can’t do that every single night.

Now this issue only happens on the Solar Wall Light. I also have some Solar step lights in the same light Group. Even with Light Schedule enabled at night for the step lights, they DO increase brightness when motion is detected. Furthermore, they also trigger the Solar Wall Light to increase brightness since they are in the same group, but not the other way around.

Please fix this. This is obviously a bug as all the other smart lights have the correct behavior when motion is detected with Light Schedule enabled at night. Thank you.

Found another person mentioned it, but we installed the new solar wall lights today. Unlike the path lights or the step lights, the wall lights do NOT increase brightness when they detect motion, if they’re currently in an active schedule. If you manually increase the brightness, they stay lit up for less than a second before they revert to the lowest setting. This makes the wall lights practically useless, as the lowest brightness does not illuminate anything from a light high up on a wall.

This needs to be addressed and an update sent out to the lights, otherwise they will be returned.

Hi there, neighbors! I’ve just tested this out on my Smart Lighting Wall Light. I created a light schedule to turn the lights on and watched my Wall Light in the Ring app for results. The schedule icon appeared near my Wall Light in the Ring app, and the lights turned on at a dim brightness level, as intended.

Next, I increased the motion sensitivity and threshold to ensure motion would detect. During testing, the Ring app indicated motion from the Wall Light and the brightness of those lights increased.

Try increasing the brightness level to maximum in the Ring app, and try this again. Feel free to include any further observations such as group settings, linked devices, and any other steps you tried. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi there, thank you for testing it out. Yes, it does work the very first time you set it up with Light Schedule. It’s the subsequent nights that’s having issue as mentioned in my original post. If you made changes to the Light Schedule/enabled/disabled (or some other kind of changes like Light Sensor sensitivity), motion with Light Schedule with higher brightness works for that night. The next night, however, will experience the issue we described above. Please keep your Light Schedule enabled for few more days and let us know if it’s still working for you. Thanks!

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Hey neighbors! Thank you for your patience as I worked with the team to investigate this further. I wanted to update this thread to let you know our team is looking into this concern, and we will keep you updated with any information as it comes our way. Feel free to let us know of any further changes, work arounds, or observations you have pertaining to this. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Hi Marley_Ring or Anyone who solved ‘tis problem, could you please provide an update?

No updates yet, @Rstark! Our team is still looking into this. For now, and in addition to the recommendations above, our team also recommends to avoid ambient lighting.

For any other neighbors having the same concern, try testing the light brightness during schedule and motion in a completely dark environment, where there is not any lighting nearby. Increasing the light sensor threshold is another great step to rule out any lighting interference. To increase the light sensor threshold:

  • Open the Ring app Menu
  • Select Devices
  • Choose your Smart Lighting device/ group (Solar Wall Light)
  • Visit the Light settings
  • Adjust the light sensor threshold higher.

Let us know if this helps anyone.