BUG report: Ring Intercom - notification date/time format

The Ring Intercom Unlock (and possibly Talk) notification is using MM/DD/YY date format when the Android 10 phone is set to DD/MM/YYYY date format (eg. UK region).

Example below:

Obviously the date on the notification should be 30/10/2022.

In addition, the time format on this phone is set to 24 hour, so the use of 12 hour formatting for the time is incorrect too.

Presumably the US preference for date and time formats has been hard-coded into the Notification system, which is pretty much unacceptable in a professional product with a global target audience.

In Techie parlance: Ring, please localise your notification dates and times.

Hi @neilm-uk. Thanks for you feedback on this! I’ve brought this up to the team working with the Ring Intercom. Rest assured, your concern will be looked into. I understand that different areas of the world display their time/date differently, so I’ve advocated that the Ring app notifications reflect this. If there is an update on this, I’ll be sure to post it here. Thanks, neighbour!

Thanks @Tom_Ring - the rest of the World outside of the USA will appreciate your efforts! :joy:

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Thanks, this now seems to be fixed in 3.55.0 (Android):

although this version has other more serious issues as Intercom events are no longer being logged at all. :man_shrugging:

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Hi @neilm-uk. Glad that this was fixed with the latest Ring app update.

Inexplicably, this has reverted to US-format notification dates in the latest 3.56.0 Android app that I just installed. I’m guessing someone didn’t rebase the 3.56.x branch correctly.:man_shrugging::exploding_head:

Please notify the developers that this fix from the 3.55.x branch has been lost in 3.56.x.

It also no longer incudes the full year (although it never did when using the fixed US date format) nor does it show the name of the person accessing the building which it always used to show, and this is quite important info that has been lost.

3.57.0 on Android (available today) is still using the fixed US-format notification dates even though the phone is set to use UK (dd/mm/yyyy) dates.

This is what I would expect from a lone-developer producing an amateur product, not a professional product from a global organisation.

Hi @neilm-uk. Thank you for providing us with this information for this ongoing issue. I have brought this up to the team for the Ring Intercom to be investigated. Once we have an update regarding this concern, we will come back and notify you here.

Thanks @Justin_Ring , although it’s still wrong in 3.58.0 - I guess it’s not much of a priority as it works for USA users. :man_shrugging:

Android App 3.59.0 - localised notification dates appear to be working again! Thanks! :+1:

Fingers crossed it stays like this and won’t be broken again in the next version! :grinning:

Unfortunately there are no other Ring Intercom related improvements in this version of the app so the Ring App remains a relatively poor experience if you only use it for the Intercom.