Brutal Returns to Canada

I purchased a bolt lock and ring smart lights that I have been trying to return from Canada.
BRUTAL process. One time, I wasted 40 minutes talking to a call center in Philippines, that not only was NOT able to resolve the issue on the spot, but that also promised to provide return instructions within 48 hours and did NOTHING.

2nd attempt, was another 45 minutes of wasted time, on yet another INEFFECTIVE call to Philippines. First, after going through annoying pin code verification on the app, they wanted to authenticate me AGAIN! I refused and they proceed to service me without going through the 2nd verficiation steps. End result, I had to read off to them serial numbers!!! for all my devices, only to be to told that it would yet take another 48 hours before return label would be issues.

No tracking of history of previous calls, etc.

So, bottom line - for all my Canadian friends here - be very weary buying direct from ring. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE return process.

I have purchased over $3K worth of devices for my home, mostly via channel, but had I known how hard it is to deal with a few small returns, I would have looked elsewhere.

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Hi @Paul8888. Sorry to hear about this experience. For future reference, all purchases made on should be able to use our self-service returns. You can visit this page here for this process.

Yep, doesn’t work.

Trying to return yet another item - and called the genius on your help line (they just waste my time, and offer no value). Instead of providing me with a prepaid return label, they just sent me an address.

I told them they need to send me a pre-paid label, was told that it would come in 24-48 hours. Its been two weeks now, and nothing.

This is JUST like my previous experience, where your Tier1 support FAILS!

Whomever from ring is reading this, please send me a return label. I am in Canada, but you have done this before, so it is within your abilities.

My Order number is 001-3443199
And please don’t punt me to any call center again - it is just SO SO SO painful to do a return ( and the self-service doesn’t work)

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Hi @Paul8888. I’m sorry you’re having a frustrating experience with this return, but we are not part of the support team and cannot process a return label. You would need to follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here if the self-service link Tom shared isn’t working. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.