Bring back PC support - start petition

Without PC support I cannot fully use my Ring cameras. I’m retired and my eyesight doesn’t allow me to easily view moving video via the ring phone app. Had I known Ring was going to or had already cancelled support, I wouldn’t have install a new floodlight cam last week. Ring should buy back my 8 cameras as they promised features that have since been removed.

If there is no better place to protest this failing and create a thread to promote PC support, please feel free to add your post here. I would think PC support is good for everyone, not just the elderly or visually impaired.

Thank you.

Those of us that are visually impaired can no longer use Ring products if not supported by Windows PC. Discrimination against the handicapped and elderly is not good PR. Fix this issue or supply open source code so someone can fix it. This should not be an issue. I have 8 cameras that will be for sale when PC use is discontinued completely. Sad.


You may want consider filing an ADA compliant if appropriate.