Brightness missing? Flood light wired. No camera

Seems like all the marketing shows adjustable brightness but I cannot find it on the flood light wired model with no camera. Am I missing something or did I buy an expensive flood light when I could have just bought a regular one with a dimmer switch. Everything setup easy, bridge, light. I can set all the other features but someone please tell me there is a what to adjust the brightness.

Re: Brightness missing? Flood light wired. No camera

Hi neighbors! The Smart Floodlight Wired features bright 2000 lumens LEDs. This Smart Lighting device does not feature a brightness control as the wiring configuration and nature of this model is to shine its lights at the brightest.

Well that’s too bad. Totally understand that it should be bright and I do want that but a dimmer capability seems like a no-brainer option since it would be simple from a technological aspect to implement. I’ve added it to the recommended features board. I hope a firmware update could allow this in the future.

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