Bridge won't connect to my internet

After multiple attempts at install, the Bridge won’t connect to my internet, Netgear Nighthawk 1900. The main Ring system connected just fine.

I did “resets” of internet, modem, app, and it still when pairing and it asks to pair with "Ring y2bf83, I say yes, and it comes back with “something wrong”, and has a checkmark in settings next to the Ring y2bf83, but under says “not connected to internet”!

Help please :slight_smile:

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Hi @BelizePirate, what mobile device are you using to attempt to connect the Ring Bridge to your Ring app? If you’re using your phone, but have another phone or tablet with the Ring app on it, try setting it up through that other device! If this continues to fail, please reach out to our support team here on this concern. :smiley_cat:


I have tried to set up bridge on both my iPhone 11 and my new iPad.

Neither worked.

Thanks for the reply