Bridge keeps showing offline

I have tried setting this up like 4 times.

It will go thru the setup, firmware was all updated and it says it worked fine but it keeps saying offline while in the app but the Bridge LED is blue and connected.

I have reset the bridge and tried again and nothing.

I have reset the bridge again, the wifi router and nothing.

The bridge is like 3 feet from the router.

I have done everything to the T

Still shows offline. Wasted like 45 minutes of my life. I am about to return this.

Anyone else getting this issue?

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It may just be the app. You could uninstall your app and then reinstall it. If the blue light is on you have a wifi connection then. My guess is your app is not correct so a reinstall should correct it.

how do I uninstall bridge so I can reinstall. Bridge is offline

Hi @1973! Depending on your mobile device type, your phone will have a method in which you can remove an application. Once you’ve removed the Ring app, visit the app store and search the Ring app to reinstall it. This will install the latest version and ensure it is optimally integrated with your mobile device. Feel free to also check out our help center article for troubleshooting the Smart Lighting Bridge. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I am having same problem. I am trying to setup 4 battery powered lights. The first light remains online but the other 3 lights show offline after I install them. They initially install with no problems but then show offline. The app is not the problem. I have been using it for months for my doorbell.