Both chimes keep disconnecting from new wifi router


I just installed a new wifi router (TP-link Archer 11000) which is capable to every type of wifi there is.

Since than both my (old) chime and my recently purchased chime keep going offline after a few hours.

So they do connect as they should for a few hours and work as they should, so there is no reason why they disconnect…

reconnecting through the app doesn’t work.

It’s either pulling them out of the socket and putting them back in or doing a complete reset of the chime and reconnecting them to the wifi.

I would like to find out what we can do to not have them disconnect from the wifi…??

Is there an update possible?

Please advice?


Hi @Egon. What is the RSSI number on the Device Health page for each of your Chimes? If they have a higher RSSI, this could be why they are disconnecting frequently. Approximately how far from the router are each of the Chimes, as distance can cause wifi connectivity issues.

Hi Caitlyn,

The RSSI numbers are actually good, one is 33 and the other is 45.

So all in all not that bad.

they are not that far away and in view of the wifi modem.

The thing is that the doorbell stays connected without any problems… and it’s situated further (with 2 walls in between) away.