Blue Light on Car Cam not flashing?

Hi according to RING the Blue LED on the top is supposed to flash every 8 seconds to show they system is active and everything is working. Mine will flash every 45 seconds if the inside cover is opened. If closed Ill get a blue flash every 2:15 min … Does anyone top LED flash every 8 seconds like its supposed to do or do I have a dud ?

Per Ring -
Blue Pulsing Light Ring Car Cam’s main LED will quickly flash blue two times every 8 seconds.
This indicates that Ring Car Cam’s sensors are monitoring your car.
To restart the device, press the setup button (on top) for 7-10 seconds

Mine pauses 45 seconds between blinks like yours. I didn’t try closing the cover and time it because my cover will always be open when I’m away from the car. 45 seconds is just way too long IMO.

Ring should add a setting to the app that allows the user to select (or set) their preferred timeout, no no blink at all.

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Agreed! Per the instructions its supposed to Blink every 8 seconds , as per Ring Support yesterday, it has been changed from 8 - 45 seconds now! Nice for them to tell us. The manual means nothing! It should be user adjustable!
Per Ring Support:
I got an answer, the 8 second blink was changed to 45 seconds. I just spoke to James about it and he did get that back as the answer.
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On Mon, Feb 20, 2023 7:12 PM, wrote:

Hi neighbors. Ring Car Cam’s main LED will quickly flash blue every 45 seconds when the device is not actively in use. I’ve already forwarded feedback to my team to ensure this information is accurately listed in our Help Center. I apologize for the miscommunication here, and appreciate your feedback.

Maybe they should UPDATE the PDF’s!

This still needs clarification. Are we all missing the 8-second flash when the Ring Car Cam’s sensors are monitoring our vehicles? I’m in favor of the 8-second flash reminder when the Car Cam’s sensors are active. Mine only flashes ever 45 seconds, indicating it’s not in use… but it is…

Hi @HappyValleyST. I clarified in the marked solution the the Car Cam’s main LED will quickly flash blue every 45 seconds when Car Cam is in a monitoring state. There was some incorrect information stating it was 8 seconds, and I have already notified my team so they can work to correct any inconsistencies in the documentation. Apologies again for the miscommunication and confusion.

Yes, the incorrect information was given in your LAST post on this thread 5 days ago. Thank you for the correction.

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