Block "person at front door" notifications when exiting home, especially with Ring alarm

I find it really annoying where 60% of my “person at front door” notifications are for myself or my roommate leaving through the front door. Since I have a Ring alarm, as well as doorbell, it should be pretty obvious to the ecosystem when someone is leaving the property. Because the door will first open, and then ~2 sec. thereafter, a person will enter the doorbells sensor zone.

So, please provide an option to mute/prevent/block those notifications from occurring within say 10 seconds of a door opening first. It wouldn’t be much of a security issue because, if as I was walking out, someone stepped into view (I would see them, thereby negating the need for a notification). Also, I’m not suggesting any change to the recording behavior, just the notification behavior.

Also, as a first step while rolling the feature out, I would be totally fine with any of my door/window sensors causing a 5-10 sec. notification blackout window, though in the future it would be most ideal to tie a specific sensor, like “front door” to a specific Ring camera/doorbell device.

Another, less ideal way to approach this request would be through Echo devices, like having a routine where I could announce to Alexa that I was leaving, and to temporarily block notifications of people leaving the house.