Black Video Footage

Today I experience black video footage on 2 out of 6 cameras. Like most of you it was during an important time I needed to see who and why people were running thru my yard.

I called RING. I spent a lot of wasted time on the phone with them. The reasons they were giving me on why there was no footage made absolutely no sense. They wanted me to go outside to reset and trouble shoot blah, blah, blah. They eventually said it happened because I don’t have a Chime Pro. They checked and realize one of the cameras that failed is indeed connected to the Chime Pro. The next excuse given was its your internet connection. They said I needed to contact my internet provider.

A bunch of bull. When RING first came out their products were fabulous and on point. Somewhere down the line when RING was sold to another company their quality products went out the window. Ive had problem after problem with their products and customer service.

There is no reason or failure on our part why these videos are completely black with no sound or footage. Ring needs to get it together.

I am very disappointed.

I’ve also got black video - and one that is staying offline for video but shows motion events so I know it’s talking

Hey @NewNeighbor. This is not the experience we want you to have. Often times, Black Video can be attributed to poor signal, packet loss, router configurations or all of the above.

A quick and easy way to test this would be to connect your camera to a wifi hotspot that is right next to the camera. If you have black video while connected to the wifi hotspot, there is something wrong. If you have clear video, you’ve narrowed the issue down to your network.

This Help Center article here has some information on changes you can make to your router to help with black video. Let me know how this goes for you!