Black screen recordings and not activating live view

I have a ring doorbell 2 spotlight cams and 1 stick up cam. I’ve had most of them for about 2 months and just bought one spotlight cam a week or so ago. Everything was working perfectly until today (9/24/20). Today all of a sudden I had lots of black screens on recordings and unverified motion notices and I can’t access the live view most of the time. It’s very hit or miss with everything. Nothing has changed on my end of things at all. I spent a lot of time looking over this issue. There were no updates on my modem, router, or cameras. I factory reset my modem, router, and cameras and no better. I tried port forwarding and disabling all firewalls etc. and nothing has fixed it. It’ll be fine for a little while but then go right back to the black screens and no live view. I am running an eero mesh network and internet coverage and speed is very good. Averaging at least 60 to 70 mbps and that’s in my worst areas above the garage etc. the RSSI values are good too for all the devices on Rings end.

There is only one conclusion that I can come to and that is somehow I’ve got the bad end of the ring server stick. I don’t know if there was some change on their end today but it is a sudden problem and nothing on my end has changed.

I called ring support which seemed to work while I was on the phone with the guy but I think now it was just a coincidence. Shortly after disconnecting with him it was right back at it. I did what he told me to a few more times which was just disconnecting from WiFi and reconnecting and it didn’t work at all the next few times. I think he thought it was a firmware issue with the cameras not connecting well. But I don’t think so after factory resetting them all. It could still be a firmware thing I suppose but I imagine more people would all of a sudden be having this issue today.

If anyone else is having this type of problem out of the blue without changing anything let me know I’d like to see what other patterns might emerge such as network technology etc.


I am having the same issue. All day today random alerts and black screens on videos and can hardly connect to my doorbell. I pulled the battery, replaced it in the ring doorbell (3), I reloaded my router, etc. I read some forums it can be caused by poor signal, but seeing you having issues today also seems suspect. I readded the ring to the system (held button until set up mode). After doing so my RSSI is 58, down from 64 right now. Funny thing is, our ring is only about 20-25 feet away from the router. Never had an issues in the last two months I have had it.

I was going to buy a spotlight camera today or tomorrow, but not sure I want to if this is how the system is going to work for me. I am pretty frustrated and may even request a refund.

This company is going to garbage. Same issue now since last weekend. Black recordings, motion alerts not working. Door bell pressed and not even a record. Fortunately i have a real security camera system that doesnt do this. Ring is a joke. No support to fix this. No way to recover the lost data and recordings

I am now experiencing the same black screen of death. Plus I missed a delivery that had fresh vegetables in it. They are now ruined due to no notification from my now defective Ring Dumb-bell…

Hi @Eric18. If you are experiencing Black Video, we have a Help Center article with some tips and tricks for correcting it. Often times, Black Video can be corrected by making some adjustments to your router. If you’ve made the adjustments, but are still having issues with Black Video, reach out to our support team to take a closer look at what might be causing it.

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