Birds Eye View - unable to find house

Anyone else feel scammed by the birds eye view feature compared to the advertisement for the Doorbell Pro 2?

I didnt expect perfect but i at least expected to be able to identify my home. This is a joke right? Anyone else in the same boat?

Hi @JOSEF. You can re-set up the map and choose Vector by tapping the icon in the upper right when you are defining the house or the device placement. You can find more information and steps in our Help Center Article here. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn. Birds eye view isn’t exactly advertised as using a vector map though is it? Compared to the advert showing perfectly clear satellite images

If we could use a different map provider I might stand a chance of using a satellite image like you are supposed to. This taken from Google

Ring is using the mapbox API, which is used by a TON of companies to provide mapping services to their applications. mapbox gets satellite images from a number of places, but they aren’t perfect 100% of the time. If you click on the little “i” icon in the lower right corner of the Bird’s Eye View window, then click “Improve This Map”, you can submit the issue to mapbox and they review those requests to fix the maps.

I navigated and zoomed in and out what I’d gauge as a 50 mile radius of the satellite map of my area. All of it as blurry as my original pics. Mapbox just isn’t suitable for the UK compared to Google. Submitted a request but that will fall on deaf ears no doubt

I have no interest in this feature and haven’t even turned it on however I agree that for the UK Mapbox is not a good choice. The examples above illustrate that and I think its the same for most of the UK. Not sure what it performs like in the USA?

For me, it’s advertised as having it, so I want it to work. It’d be handy for me. Can distinguish quickly if someone has hopped the fence infront of ours etc.

Looking at some USA reviews they seem to have good satellite images, similar to the quality of the Google one I uploaded. Not really a surprise the US get better treat, they get Alexa Greetings as well and we don’t yet

I am in the US and mine has a very clear map.

Any further replies @Caitlyn_Ring please? Given US have clear satellite images and I don’t in the UK.

Hey @JOSEF. Chiming in for Caitlyn here! As according to our Help Center Article here, at this time, you pick between either a satellite or vector map for 3D Motion Detection. The two different options are the only ones available at this time, both provided by Mapbox. If you visit the Help Center Article, you can see a screenshot of the vector map, which is a much more simplified version with a more consistent look/experience.

Please keep in mind that the satellite map is a snapshot taken from a satellite above the earth and depending on various factors, your property may be obscured or the snapshot may be more out of date than you would like. In other situations such as this, it seems there was not a clear picture of your area in their data base for the satellite view. Thank you for your feedback on this experience either way though, I will make sure it’s passed onto the appropriate teams for us to keep in mind for the future. :slight_smile:

Hi @Chelsea_Ring

I appreciate you are saying there is the vector option, but it’s not really fair advertising the feature in the UK with the satellite image example is it? I even checked London on the Mapbox satellite and that is just as blurred. Fair to say the whole of the UK is blurry and poor quality on satellite images.

We need the option to upload our own aerial image when setting up Birds eye view, or be able to select a different map provider. Hope this gets passed on

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@JOSEF No problem and I completely understand where you’re coming from! I will make sure this feedback is passed onto the appropriate team members to consider for the future, as well as the possibility of selecting a different map provider for a better experience. Thank you, neighbor!

@JOSEF Did you submit it to mapbox for review also?

I received the Pro 2 yesterday and have the exact same blurry issue. I just got off the phone to ring support after they escalated the issue and awaiting their call back.

I told them it’s a satellite image issue with their provider as Google Maps/Earth shows a clear picture

I guess there’s nothing Ring can really do until their mapping provider updates the quality of their images

A bit disappointed as the birds eye view is just a blurred image. Not what’s advertised.