Billing Suspect - Likely Fraud

Anyone else get a charge from { SP * RING USA } the same day as making a purchase on for the same amount you spent? Called Chase Bank and they confirmed the account was linked to a fruadulent website. I wonder if one of the employees in billing is running a scam under the table. I still received my shipment but Ring had no record of the charge that day…

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Also forgot to mention that is was 2-part sale. Hardware plus professional protection. I never got the professional protection and was charged again acter trying to fix it so the scammer did cause me to double pay. Hopefully Chase will understand and cancel the first fraud charge, but definitely a scam of some sort going on. Ring hires overseas help so I am not surprised if they are not able to manage employee conduct over in the other countries.

Hi @xanatos. Thank you for bringing this up and to our attention. This most certainly doesn’t sound right but we are happy to take a look into this further for you to ensure everything is correct for you. Whenever you have a chance, please call our support team at 1-800-656-1918 or through any of our other options here.

Did you ever figure this out? I just got a charge for $142.99 to my debit card from — Point Of Sale Withdrawal SP * / RING USA HTTPSRINGUSA.CAUS

When I looked on my account settings, my Ring payment is set to my credit card, not my debit… and it’s not even charging to my account until January. And it would only be $30 anyways.

That doesn’t sound correct if you only have a $30 yearly bill. I’d call the bank and check with them. I’d also call Ring too.
Information on customer support below.

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