Bigger alert area

At one time I was able to make my alert area about 22 miles. Now I can’t get it and bigger than 8 miles. And yes, I know how to change it. What happened to the app that changed it?

Hi @Joybee10. Our app has been updated so that the largest you can make the alert area now is 10 miles. If you are only getting 8 miles, please delete the app from your phone, reboot your phone (turn it off/on), and then reinstall the app. Once you are back in the app, try adjusting it to the full 10 miles it can go and you should be all set!

That didn’t work! Still at 8!

@Joybee10 Thanks for getting back to me with that information! I’ll make sure to pass on this information to the appropriate team for you in the meanwhile.

Mine in the Ring app or the Neighborhood app both limit me to 5 miles max. I have it set to 1 miles since I don’t need any further. My limit was always 5 miles.