Better User Interface for Bettter User Experience Please

The Ring user experience could be so much better on iPad. Unfortunately, the current version looks like a clumsy port of the iPhone app to the larger display, then left completely unoptimized for the larger screen area. For instance, the current iPad Ring app on a beautiful M1 powered iPad Pro in landscape mode places all four of my Ring previews in a space that’s the same size as your ad for the latest deals on Ring products.

I’m trying hard not to read into the fact that the ad is as large as all four of my camera views combined, but it’s difficult not to assume your primary goal for the Ring app is an up-sell opportunity. And there’s a ton of wasted white space on each side of the display! If the app was designed to handle iPad landscape orientation correctly, you’d have room for larger camera views—and maybe an ad or two to boot.

Now take a look at the competition:

They use the full space of the iPad in landscape mode, and even though I have only three cameras to view on this platform, they don’t try to fill the unused space with sales pitches.

Have confidence in your products. I bought four Ring cams, as well as some of your home security tech, so obviously I’m convinced. But your app is a pain point. Your quality hardware products deserve a software user experience of equal quality. Thanks.