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i was very happy with the products and quality of the product but the support is SAD.

I bought a ring from a retailer and because someone registered it and then returned it and then was sold to me ( as you can return retail products within 14 days gouverment rules ) i can not use it.
Ok can understand so i call support and ask for help, can deliver everything as i have a normal bill and store purchase and the product in front of me.
I need to supply al kinds of prove its mine ( ok felt normal) but dont get a deregistration of the product because its not on the retail list on the other side of the world…

So you think you as customer would be more important then a retailer list but i gues not…
So now i can trow the Ring stick up cam away ( good for the environment ) because someone has a hard stop in the service process because the retailer was not in a list…

I think you can make major improvements here!

The support is hideous.

#ring #badservice

Would like to see a responds so we know you will pick this up as its also a no go in service.


Sorry to hear of your frustrations. Are in the USA? Where did you buy the product?

I would post again here and use the @ function (using a moderator name) so that a moderator gets alerted.

What was the response from Ring support when you called them?

Sorry to hear about this experience, @MatthieuD. It sounds like this may be regarding a device obtained through a 3rd party retailer, in which any warranty would not carry over. Despite it being out of warranty, troubleshooting your device is always an option as long as you can obtain ownership.

If this device was previously owned by someone else and the seller had not properly resolved this, here is our help center article with steps on obtaining ownership. If this process did not work, reaching back out to the seller would be best in this instance. They may be able to provide a replacement that was not pre-owned. Otherwise, we are always offering great deals and the latest Ring devices at


  • 3rd party retailer, no clue how to check something as consumer just a retailer to me.
  • warranty, i am talking on service. Just help a new customer to use his product where he paid for.
  • help center article, Does not contains my problem so also not a solution for me.

Ok lets try again.
In my country ( the netherlands) it is written by law that if you buy something and your not happy you can return is within 14 days.
So a retailer get his products in any condition, new - start sell again, broken state - repair or trow away, or minor note - sell again with a discount.
I bought mine with a minor note, package was damaged product as new, so complete normal product only that it was returned after it was registered on a account because you need to register the items of ring to make it work.
So item was registered to see how it works, was returned with the 14 days, and i bought it.
Wanna use it and need to register to use but i cant because the other customer didnt remove the product from his account.
Needed to show mac, pictures and receipt ( could do it all) but they didnt wanna help me because the name of the retailer was not in a list of a department in the USA…

I can prove that i am a legit owner on a official way by law and bought it on a legit way with a official retailer within my country, but because its not in a excel list in a other country of a department, My service is completely dropped because of that. And all i am asking is a deregistration of my product so i can register it on my own account.

How do I get a different view for my ring doorbell

Sorry to hear of your frustrations. Have you called the RIng support center? I found the number listed for the Netherlands

[+31 85 027 1640]

Can you still return the camera? If so, I would do that and get one brand new from Amazon. It will not be used with all these complications. Plus, who knows why the camera you got was returned in the first place. It could be defective. I don’t think the cost savings is worth the aggravation. Amazon Prime day is coming up on June 21. Amazon products like Ring often go on huge sale. That would be a good time to get one. Post back with what happens.

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Hi; since your question is really not related to the original post, it would be best to create a separate post in the proper sub-forum. Also, it would be good to provide more details on what you mean by “view” etc. That way, you will get some good answers!

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Yes i called them 2 times now and as explained i can give them everything they ask for but in the end they wont help me because the store is not in there list.
And all i want is just a reset of the mac so i can use it on my account.

Can you still return the cameras and get new ones from Amazon? That way, you know they will be new with no issues.