Better Siren integration

I have needed to mannually trigger individual camera alarms one at a time to scare people in my back yard. Here are the feature suggestions via visual samples that I have made. I’m looking for this level of integration in Linked devices as well as Mode settings. As part of this a " Panic button" of sorts to manually trigger availble sirens in the location or address.

My purpose will be focused on my external camera setup. I use the chime to create loud alarm-like sounds inside the house, but it is not audible from outside.
Ring Proffesional Monitoring is not availble in my country, so the Ring alarm system is not of much use while personally managing it.

Where did all my image samples go…? removed? I just re-added them above.

Hey @Ben_ZA. We’ve recently made some upgrades to our Community. During this time, some images did not transfer over. Thank you for re-adding these!