Better documentation for working with a 3rd party local alarm armed response

Many ADT systems link to a 3rd party local armed response rather than just calling the police. Typically they’re on an action plan, or on emergency contacts. There should be a “best practice” that’s provided by Ring Alarm Monitoring for these local security companies, so that customers coming from traditional alarm systems are 100% assured Ring monitoring is working. Your customer service reps and Ring dispatch confuse your “guard” services, and keep referring to an action plan. there should also be a test drill to insure everything is working properly.

Hi @macuser234

This part is actually the only thing stopping me from investing in a full Ring setup.
We cannot rely on the police here and currently have armed response connected to our existing old system.

I’d really love to know if it’s possible at all, and so what steps need to be taken to make it connected to a armed response company?

there is a special email you correspond with and they adjust your system to make your security system dispatched if they can’t reach you. it’s in their support pages, buried kind of deep